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Kompetentne doradztwo oraz profesjonalny outsourcing projektów w obszarze marketingu i sprzedaży.
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  • We’ll give you a professional support in the decisions that you need to take.
  • What matters is the the future of your company and your product. We will help you to move forward.
  • You have the access to experienced managers, experts, and the knowledge gained over the years in the best FMCG companies in Poland.
  • Define the goal and entrust us with fulfilling the task.
  • We deal with professional outsourcing services in the area of marketing and sales.
  • Let’s analyse the problem together and determine the best route to your destination. You will arrive at the appointed place on time!


Let’s analyse the problem together and determine the best route to your destination. You will arrive at the appointed place on time!

Research and Analysis, Consulting, Strategies, Trainings

Your company is growing rapidly, you need to give the proper long-term direction of actions and communication. You want to verify your position on the market and objectively compare with competitors, to analyse the strengths and weaknesses, to find out what the current and prospective customers think.


We will support you in strategic planning and marketing, we will carry out the relevant market analysis and marketing research, interpret the data and present the results in a legible form. We have experience in restructuring and centralization.


Make smart decisions!
Our strength is the competent people. Let’s talk about it!

Business Gamification, Sales Boosting, Loyalty Programmes

Your products and services are good, but they need an impulse to sales growth. You care about customers retention and regular orders.


We will organize marketing and sales activities in the B2B channel (distribution) and B2C (retail). We will develop and run a loyalty programme, we will help you to build positive relationships with customers, create web and mobile tools to support sales campaigns.


Do you think you have tried everything? Free your sale!

Branding, Visualisation, Identification

You are thinking about the creation of a strong new brand or your product, customers, market environment have changed and it is time to refresh it and give it new life. Your company has grown and you want customers to recognize it wherever they are.


We will design a name and a logo that will be remembered and will be well associated with your business, product, service. We will make sure that no one can use your trademark. We will create a Visual Identification System, and we will walk you through the implementation process.


Stand out! Let your customers recognize your brand! You have come to the right place, we know how to do it.

Communication & PR, Product Positioning and Launching, Publicity Support

You know how your customers make decisions, what their objectives are and whether they have the relevant information – you are on the right track!


We will plan and implement the tailored and effective promotional activities within your budget.


Be visible! Make them speak well of you! Let’s take care of your positive image!